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Garage Door Torsion Spring

Assuming you need service for your residential garage door torsion spring in Kitchener, Ontario, we’d like to inform you that our company is ready to cover all local needs. Torsion springs and extension springs are the main lifting systems used for residential garage doors. And our team is available for their services.

Since we are interested in informing you about torsion spring services now, let us say that not all such systems are the same. Some springs are galvanized, for example, while the traditional ones are oil-tempered. And then, different brands make different torsion springs. The good thing about turning to Kitchener Garage Door Repair is that we have experience with them all – and all relevant services.

Garage Door Torsion Spring Kitchener

To replace a garage door torsion spring, Kitchener pros swiftly respond

It’s highly likely that your Kitchener garage door torsion spring is broken. If that’s your case or if the spring is on its last leg, what’s the point of waiting? Make haste in contacting our team. You can do that in just minutes by either calling us or sending us a message. By doing so, you can book the service ASAP and also find out the garage door torsion spring replacement cost.

So, is your torsion spring broken? Are you looking for a torsion spring replacement and service experts? Get in touch with our company. The spring will be replaced before you know it and all phases of the job will be carried out with the correct tools and with the caution required. From removing the existing spring to setting up the new product and making the necessary torsion spring adjustment, the pros complete all such tasks with the utmost accuracy. The garage door balance is proper and the movement is correct and safe.

From torsion spring replacement to adjustment, full services

Wondering if we cover other torsion spring repair needs in Kitchener? Of course, we are. As we said before, you can trust our team with all torsion spring services.

  •          Broken torsion spring replacement
  •          Installation of second torsion spring
  •          Spring adjustment and garage door balance
  •          Routine inspection and spring lubrication
  •          Spring conversion service

Do you see anything you need? Do you need anything you don’t see? Why don’t you make an inquiry at our company? Feel free to reach our team whether you have questions, like to get a quote, or need to book service. Choose us now and every time you need service for a Kitchener garage door torsion spring.